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Making an Alumni Gift

During their time at Olin College of Engineering, our students work very hard to earn their degrees. We are thrilled to see that, in that time, we’ve earned their gratitude.

When students graduate with an Olin education, they take with them far more than a rock-solid skill set. Olin strives to provide the best possible preparation for each one of its students to enter a field of their choosing—and to make profound changes in that field and in the world.

Our confidence in the quality and effectiveness of an Olin education has been proven in many ways, but one of the most touching is the generous expressions of support Olin earns from its alumni.

As our students take their knowledge and hands-on experience out into the world, they carry Olin with them. Their newly minted credentials and strengths combined with the Olin reputation open doors and make vital connections, equipping them to succeed in their endeavors.

Year after year, starting with the first graduating class, Olin alumni have recognized this by making gifts of their own. From funding for new programs like green initiatives and a tool library, to support for existing ones like Passionate Pursuits and sports and recreation, Olin graduating classes express their appreciation for the school by giving something back and investing in the next generation of engineers.

Past and present Olin students who wish to consider making a gift to Olin and supporting its ongoing mission to transform the way future engineers are educated are warmly invited to visit the How to Invest in Olin page.