Class Gifts

Thank you for your interest in and support of the alumni class gifts. Each was established as a collective class passion to enrich the student experience and leave a legacy upon graduation. 

Although the class gifts with the asterisks below are now endowed, yearly spending depends on the earnings and market value. Should you choose to continue supporting a specific fund, it will grow at an increased rate. Whether it be the Olin Fund (top college priorities), class gifts, scholarships and financial aid, curriculum innovation, or another fund, we encourage you to give to whatever you are most passionate about with the desired impact you would like to have upon Olin College. Click below to learn more about each class gift and the latest update on its impact. The availability of the updates are dependent on each fund's unique purpose and spending timeline. Please contact the respective class gift captain (listed on the class gift page) or class representative or for further inquiry.  

Class of 2017 - Mental Health Resource Fund

Class of 2016 - Assistive Technology Resource Center Fund

Class of 2015 - Apple Orchard Fund

Class of 2014 - Alumni Merit Scholarship Fund*

Class of 2013 - Student Alumni Engagement Fund

Class of 2012 - Tools Collection Fund

Class of 2011 - Project-based Curriculum Fund*

Class of 2010 - Passionate Pursuits Fund

Class of 2009 - Stockrooms Fund*

Class of 2008 - Sports and Recreation Fund*

Class of 2007 & 2018 - Green Initiatives Fund*

Class of 2006 - Summer Book Program Fund*

Please note: prior to 2015, the aim was to create the designated funds with an endowment goal and long-term impact. Beginning in 2015, the focus evolved to have more immediate impact on the student experience and thus a timeline that concludes with the fiscal year of the respective graduation year.