Impact and Successes

Olin College of Engineering students are leading a new generation of engineering innovators—brilliant, entrepreneurial, creative young thinkers and doers who are designing practical ways to make the world a better place.

Olin faculty members represent a cross section of the thought leadership of top tier academic institutions. What sets them apart is their passion for learning, teaching and doing things differently. They know that the traditional teaching approach is not the best way to develop a true understanding of engineering, and they come up with new ways to harness students’ abilities to use technology to change the world.

The Olin community is a unique aggregation of passionate people devoted to making practical leaps forward in areas critical to society’s collective well-being, such as health care, technology and biochemistry. These talented leaders and entrepreneurs are focused on making a difference on personal, community and global scales.

As the world’s only engineering lab school with a far-reaching vision for educational transformation, Olin is a forceful change agent. Our students and faculty are shifting the paradigm for engineering education and successfully collaborating with other institutions to envision and co-design curricula, services and systems that will transform the way people live around the world.

With these robust foundations to build on, the sky’s the limit—and Olin has set its sights high. In order to reach our ambitious goals, we count on those who share them to give us the support we need.

Top Five Reasons to Invest in the Olin Revolution

Olin College of Engineering is leading the revolution in engineering education by transforming the way engineering is taught, learned and shared.

We have developed a curriculum that turns conventional expectations, standards and assumptions upside down—and gets impressive results. Our approach entails moving from rote, by-the-book instruction to real, hands-on experiential learning. Our goal is nothing short of fundamentally improving the lives of people around the world through the power and innovation of engineering solutions. And the transformational effect is something we call the Olin Revolution.

We are fortunate to have a passionate, engaged community of supporters who believe in and wholly support our goals. To this end, we offer this list of five compelling reasons to invest in The Olin Revolution.

Reason 1: People-Inspired Engineering

Olin engineers start and end with real people and their real needs. Olin was built on a uniquely innovative philosophical foundation: teaching engineering to help people—and to make a positive impact on a global scale and at community and personal levels.

Reason 2: Real-World Education

Learning in the context of real-world problems and solutions makes a difference. The Olin hands-on learning model was developed to address pressing real-world needs and find practical, efficient solutions that work in the lab and in the field. In the Olin “do-learn” approach, students work on diverse teams and tackle actual engineering challenges in a manner very similar to the global teams assembled by today’s leading companies. Math and science theory is tightly interwoven with practical application to create more long-lasting and authentic learning.

Reason 3: Culture of Innovation

At Olin, innovation is both a means and an end. As an institution of higher learning—and as a leader in advancing the field of engineering education itself—Olin is designed to be different and think differently. This approach is clearly seen in our teaching philosophy, outreach and research—and in the countless, impressive ways in which Olin alumni distinguish themselves.

Reason 4: Impact Now (and Beyond Our Walls)

Olin is a small school that is making a large difference. From student and faculty projects designed to drive issues of global significance to initiatives that advance the Olin methodology outside our campus, the impact of the Olin Revolution can be measured in the requests for collaboration and offers to partner that we receive on a daily basis.

Reason 5: The Joy in Engineering

The Olin culture of drive, dynamism and playfulness naturally encourages risk-taking and thinking big. While student and faculty work yields seriously significant results, the process itself is often just as rewarding as the conclusion—and usually a lot of fun.