Building a Strong Foundation

Gifts from investors afford all who benefit from Olin College of Engineering even greater opportunities through:

Yearly donations allow us to build on our foundation. This foundation is the engine that drives the school’s core mission to create the engineering innovators of the future who will take leadership roles in addressing—and solving—the evolving challenges of today and tomorrow.

Investments in the core mission of Olin are more than useful and practical contributions. In the form of unrestricted funds, they also reflect donors’ belief in the validity of our goals—and their faith in our ability to carry it forward with efficient applications and strategic expertise.

Contributions from investors allow us to drive our mission: to lead the Olin Revolution in engineering education.

The Olin community profoundly appreciates the trust and encouragement that donors express by contributing unrestricted funding toward our core mission. As a combination of financial and moral support, your investment’s impact is broader and deeper than numbers on a page can show.

When you make an unrestricted investment in Olin, your support goes directly to where the need is greatest—from enabling a student to clear a financial hurdle blocking enrollment to attracting and recruiting faculty from the top echelons of their fields. It’s a bold and powerful commitment—and one that we implement with the utmost care.