At Olin we work as a single faculty without disciplinary boundaries or departments; you will work with students, staff, and faculty from all disciplines to realize learning opportunities for all.   We expect faculty to work collaboratively to develop students as engineering innovators, to achieve significant impact on the world outside of Olin, and to move in new directions and grow as they support Olin’s aspiration of driving positive change in engineering education.

We are thrilled to be expanding our faculty team.  We have focused searches this year for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and COMPUTER SCIENCE / SOFTWARE ENGINEERING / COMPUTING, all broadly defined, as well as an OPEN SEARCH for faculty who want to work in an innovative, cross-disciplinary environment to prepare the next generation of engineering change agents.  Collaborate with us to create a vision and strategy for engineering education at Olin and beyond.


We encourage applicants to apply by December 5, 2016, and applications will be considered as they are received.  Applications for all ranks will be considered, and we strongly encourage individuals from historically underrepresented communities and women to apply.  Olin is committed to an inclusive and diverse environment, and we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please arrange to have three letters of reference sent to  We prefer to receive these letters by December 5, 2016, and at least one letter should focus on your teaching.  

Please email the following application materials to

1. An Olin-specific cover letter.

Please tell us why you are excited to join Olin, an innovative college whose mission is to prepare engineering innovators to do good in the world and whose aspiration is to drive positive change in engineering education. Also, please explain to us how your professional work (e.g., research, consulting, entrepreneurship) might contribute to the vibrancy of Olin’s community.  Your cover letter should help us imagine how you might collaborate with our faculty, students, and staff.  

2. A description of your philosophy of student learning and development.

One way we measure faculty success is by how our activities and accomplishments contribute to students’ growth as scholars and engineering innovators. Our classes are often team-taught, and we regularly engage students in significant activities outside the classroom.  Please describe for us your philosophy of student learning and development inside and outside the classroom.

3. A description of your professional work.

At Olin, faculty members engage in professional activities such as disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, technical consulting, curriculum and educational consulting, authoring books and textbooks, and creating art.  Success of these activities is measured by their impact in the external world, as well as their contributions to student development. Describe some ways in which you hope to achieve impact through your professional work.  

4. A current CV.

5. If appropriate, a portfolio.

If you are potentially interested in applying for a faculty position, but have questions that you would like to ask before you apply, please email to begin a dialogue.  We look forward to hearing from you!