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ICF Prosthetic Arm

For below-the-elbow amputees, the absence of a forearm and hand can impact every facet of daily life.  Prosthetic options can be an enhancement, but can take months or years of training and therapy, be expensive or uncomfortable, and rarely can be adjusted to growing or changing bodies.  This team, as part of an 8-week intensive project at Olin College of Engineering, took on the challenge of creating an intuitive interface for control and feedback of a prosthetic limb, in an attempt to prove that good prosthetics adapt to the human, not the other way around. 

The minimum viable product for the team is to create an actuated gripping mechanism which responds to sensor information gathered from body movement.  The dream goal is to develop a ‘smart’ arm which can read body movement, actuate to grip and release objects, and send feedback to the user via a special pressure cuff.

Project Team: Victoria Preston, Liani Lye, Celine Ta, Eleanor Funkhouser

Course: Principles of Engineering