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Pong Bot

What is Pong Bot? 

Pong Bot is a robot created for Principles of Engineering. In order to create the robot, the Pong Bot team, Kevin Suzuki, Maor Bernstein, Pil Hun Choi, Bonjun Gu, Jacob Riedel, Felix Klinger divided into three sub teams: mechanical, electrical and computer. The computer team used an imaging software called OpenCV to track the position of the cups, relative to a known object and coded in Matlab to obtain results. The mechanical team researched various launcher systems including pulley, spring loaded, solenoid launching and other systems. After some input from faculty, the team decided upon a mechanism inspired by a baseball pitching system. The electrical system researched various motors and functions that we wanted for our robot and came to a conclusion that we wanted a pan mechanism along with a linear actuator system which will push the ball up to our release system. The final decision was to utilize one geared DC motor for our linear actuator, two ungeared DC motors for our release system, and one stepper motor for the pan function.  


You can find out more about the whole project by visiting the Pong Bot website.