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Students Create Printing Press, Print Broncos Logo

In honor of the Denver Broncos' Superbowl win, we bring you a printing press created by one of Olin's Principles of Engineering team capable of printing the Broncos logo. Check out the video below. 

The students built a "polar printing press" with a marker attached to a mechanical arm that draws a 2D image. The machine takes a black and white image as an input and draw by spiraling the marker outward from the center. 

There are four mechanical parts, starting with a pen car assembly held together by the 3D printed bracket. Two lead screw nuts hold the pen car relative to the lead screw and propel it forward when the stepper motor rotates. On the other side, the pen car is braced against a square tube (this prevents the pen car from rotating when the pen is pressing against the paper). In between the two nuts, the solenoid is held by four screws and actuates the pen up and down via a shirt connecting bar that is kept approximately in place by another slot in the main pen-car bracket. More on the mechanical elements, the electrical system and the code can be found here

Cost $250.00