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Arrival Day for the Class of 2021

Students from across the country and around the world gathered in Milas Hall on Saturday, August 26, to receive Orientation packets and then head behind the residence halls to begin the long process of unloading their gear and moving in to their assigned rooms. In all 90 students are expected on campus for the start of the school year. 

Most of the students were too excited getting their students IDs, finding room keys and meeting other members of the Class of 2021 to stop and chat, but for their families it was a different story. Groups of parents and guardians sat quietly in the dining hall, eating a bit of breakfast and talking quietly to each other, before heading out to unload carloads of supplies.  

Carl and Jeanine Calabria from Concord, Massachusetts, came to Olin with their daughter Maya. The Calabria’s two other children headed further afield to Colorado College and Santa Clara University, so they are excited that their youngest will be less than an hour away. Starting college might actually be a bit of a break for Maya, who said she spent her summer building a tiny house.

Katherine Carley and Claudia Clapton from Denver, Colorado, arrived bright and early with 19-year-old Aidan Carley-Clapton. “This is the way it ought to be. He is ready to start this chapter,” said Clapton. “Still, he is great company and fun to hang around. We will miss him.”

Overall the Class of 2021 comes from 29 states in total, plus Washington, DC. Residents of California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania represent the largest student contingent. Students also arrived from as far away as Nigeria, China, Germany and India. 

Eileen Yee traveled from Honolulu, Hawaii, to accompany her son 18-year-old Jonathan Zerez to Olin’s Needham campus. “This is a different experience than dropping off our older daughter. This campus is small and feels like a family,” said Yee. Their one worry? “He’s never really experienced snow before.”

There are nine students who are entering Olin after taking a gap year—or two. One student spent the time biking along the Continental Divide Trail, another worked with AmeriCorp VISTA at FIRST Robotics, and one student spent a two-year stint as a ballerina training with the San Francisco Ballet School and the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam.

Bob Bertram’s daughter, Kyle, spent part of her gap year backpacking in China. “She has the travel bug so I know from now on everything is just going to be a visit,” said Bertram. Kyle set her sights on Olin after a visit to campus shadowing another student. “She really wanted to come here, so I when she got her acceptance I was glad I was peeling her off the ceiling, instead of off the floor,” Bertram said.

One table over Scott and Katy Nasiff waited in the dining hall for daughter Emily to get her student ID. As they looked around the Olin campus, Scott Nasiff said simply, “It’s a lot to process.”

On this day, undoubtedly, dozens of other families felt the same way.

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