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Olin Student Circulating Art Collection Launches in September

Dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for their warmth and esthetic charm, but a new program supported by the Michael E. Moody fund is out to change that. On Tuesday, Sept 5 starting at 12:30 pm, students will be able to choose artworks displayed in the Olin Art Gallery on the main floor of Milas Hall and take them back to their residence room to display throughout the academic year.

The Olin Student Circulating Art Collection (OSCAC) is a new effort launched in 2017 by Professor of Biology and Art and Michael E. Moody Professor Helen Donis-Keller. Current and former Olin students were encouraged to donate photographs to OSCAC and Donis-Keller prepared them for exhibition during the summer.

There are a total of 45 art works ranging from landscapes to wildlife to city life. Twenty Olin students and alumni contributed works from as far back as the Class of 2007 to the Class of 2020. Several of the images that are based on scanning electron microscope observations were conceived and created in the course The Intersection of Biology, Art and Technology (IBAT). The OSCAC collection will go on display August 25th, giving students plenty of time to look at the works before choosing one on a first come first serve basis on Sept 5. Wall hooks will be provided as well.

In May the art works will be returned to the collection for use another year. Each spring Professor Donis-Keller will solicit new works from students to be included in the collection, so it will grow year to year.

 “I am delighted by the response of our alumni and students in creating this resource to share their art work with their peers,” said Donis-Keller. “This effort is a truly student-centered program that will allow our incoming first years and others to be inspired by the artwork of Oliners throughout the year.”