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Admission Offers Go Out to Class of 2022

At 3:00 pm EST on Monday, March 26, admission decisions were officially released and 125 Candidates learned they had been admitted to the Olin College Class of 2022. Acceptance letters were mailed the same day.

“We are thrilled to be offering admission to this wonderful and diverse group of new students who impressed us throughout the application process, especially during Candidates’ Weekends,” said Emily Roper-Doten Dean of Admission and Financial Aid.  

In recent years, Olin College’s Office of Admission and Financial Aid has made a concerted effort to reach a more diverse applicant pool and that outreach has been successful. The admitted students are 58 percent female by legal sex, 42 percent domestic students of color, 18 percent traditionally underrepresented students of color and 9 percent international by citizenship. 10 percent are first generation college students.

The students represent 27 states and 9 countries, including Bolivia, Spain, South Korea and Turkey. There are Girls who Code leaders and Eagle Scouts, roboticists, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and a published cartoonist.       

These 125 Candidates were whittled down from more than 220 attendees at one of three Candidates’ Weekends at Olin College. The entire pool of prospective students was 882.

Candidates’ Weekends is a series of three weekend events is part of Olin’s unique two-step admission process, which includes submitting a traditional application which includes an assessment of a student’s high school record, test scores, activities, leaderships, recommendations and essays, after which selected students visit campus for a series of events with other candidates.

Students must indicate their intent to enroll by May 1, 2018.