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Culture House Opens in Somerville

Culture House is a tactical urbanist’s dream- a healthy neighborhood hub to inspire friendly connection and public bonding—completely free of charge. It is part living room for the community, third space between home and work and indoor public park. The pop-up temporary space will open in Somerville's Bow Market July 1. 

Aaron Greiner, who graduated from Olin in May, describes Culture House as an attempt to introduce an inclusive and adaptable indoor living area for the community.

The space itself is a comfortable room, similar to a café, where people can work, hang out, meet each other, listen to music, or share ideas. Most importantly, it is an area where the pressure or requirement to purchase things is nonexistent.

Greiner, and several of his former classmates, Alisha Pegan and Linnea Laux, along with Allie Girouad of Connecticut College and Gwendolyn Sands of Wellesley College (who met Greiner abroad), collaborated to build this venture. Their passion for a common goal combatted their busy student schedules, to make this idea a reality.

Inspiration for this urban experiment stemmed from the study abroad program Greiner attended in Copenhagen. There, he said, spaces such as this exist everywhere. There seems to be a common expectation for human interaction- a culture that stimulates creativity and relaxes a chaotic city lifestyle.

With this international immersion, as well as his internship at Better Block and his studies at Olin, Greiner was able to combine principles of culture, urban design, and sustainability to found this ambitious operation. He and his team aimed to capture what they loved in Copenhagen, and adopt it in their home city.

The main objective for the pop-up: “to learn.” Greiner and the Culture House crew acknowledge that this iteration of the space will only be up for a month, but they hope that it will be a model or “a manual” for other urban designers and community leaders to take this idea and run with it.

The Culture House will be open Tuesdays through Sundays from July 1st-31st, 10am to 8pm. More information from can be found on their website here as well as their Facebook page, here.