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Olin College Announces the Senior Capstone in Engineering Program (SCOPE) Projects for 2018-2019

The 2018-2019 Senior Capstone in Engineering (SCOPE) program officially gets underway in September. Thirteen corporate partners have signed on this year to sponsor SCOPE teams made up of Olin seniors.

The sponsors include: Aerodyne Research, Amazon Robotics, BoeingBoston Scientific, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Ford Motor, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GE Healthcare, Iron Mountain, Microsoft, Santos Family Foundation with the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center and the Washington DC Department of Transportation, Toyota Motor North America, and Watts Water Technologies.

While there are some familiar names on this year’s list, with Boston Scientific signing on for more than a dozen straight years, there are also some new companies joining SCOPE including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Iron Mountain, Microsoft and Ford Motor Company. Both the Microsoft and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation projects were developed through Olin alumni.

For Olin seniors, SCOPE is the culminating experience of their education. In this full year course, students work in multi-disciplinary teams of four to five students, engaging in real-world engineering projects for their partnering corporate clients. The students are responsible for virtually all aspects of the project. This year, students will be working on a range of engineering problems including a personal mobility related project for Toyota, investigating air quality in local communities for Aerodyne, and developing a tool to identify potential water problems that can cause Legionnaires' disease in hospitals for Watts.

 “I am particularly pleased this year that so many of the SCOPE projects align with Olin’s mission of doing good in the world. This is something our students have been asking for and our sponsors have delivered,” said Alisha Sarang-Sieminski, director of the SCOPE program. “All of these projects will stretch and enhance our students’ engineering and professional skills.”  

In addition to Sarang-Sieminski there are three SCOPE faculty advisors. Scott Hersey, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental engineering, Lynn Stein, professor of Computer and Cognitive Science and Sam Michalka, assistant professor of Computational Neuroscience and Engineering.