What is Olin 20/20?

This is a unique moment for Olin. In the next two years we will close an important chapter of our history and embrace a future that is ripe with opportunity. That’s where Olin 20/20 comes in. It is a framework under which we will organize and process the moments, the events and celebrations during this time of transition for Olin.

As we enter our third decade, we will use the same spirit of innovation from which Olin was launched to identify and solve future challenges both in engineering education and in the global community. We will embrace opportunities that arise from deep and meaningful change. We will build on our core values. We will experiment, collaborate and consider consequences.

Olin is also determined to strengthen its commitment to doing good in the world by building on our innovative and respected undergraduate program in engineering. 

We hope you will join us as we explore what’s next for Olin. We will do this as we do all things at Olin by engaging with our community and others in thoughtful conversation, by seeking ways to collaborate and by building consensus, all while using a healthy dose of sticky notes.  

So, please grab a sticky note and join us for the ride.