Gretchen Rice ’20Gretchen Rice ’20

Admission Ambassador

Hey! My name is Gretchen Rice, class of 2020. I am from Oakland, Maine and did a lot of robotics (FRC Team 2648) and music (I play trumpet, violin, and sing) in high school. I am not certain of my major yet, but am leaning toward Robotics Engineering. This past year I tried a lot of things and am still trying to decide what exactly I want to be a part of on campus (yes, it is completely okay to be unsure about everything). I have been a student worker in the StAR (Student Affairs and Resources) office, a member of glass club, was on the programming sub team of OARS (Olin Aquatic Robotics Systems), and I give tours with OVAL (Olin Volunteer Ambassadors League) and Collaboratory (a group that interacts with outside education programs to share Olin’s mission). As a sophomore, I am going to be a NINJA (Need Information Now, Just Ask - Olin’s version of a Teacher’s Assistant) and an R2 (Resident Resource - Olin’s version of a Resident Assistant). I have tried a bunch of different clubs and activities on campus (I did not list them all) so feel free to reach out to me about that, life at Olin, cold weather, or really anything related to Olin in general!

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