Matt Brucker ’20Matt Brucker ’20

Admission Ambassador

Hi! My name is Matt Brucker, and I’m a member of the Class of 2020 planning on majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Computing. I’m from Des Moines, Iowa, and on campus I’m involved in a couple of different things: I’m working on a research project as part of an education research group, I help run the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP), a program that holds fun events to help students and faculty get to know each other (among other things), and I’m part of the Collaboratory - which basically means that I get to show off Olin to people who visit from other colleges and engineering schools! In addition, I help out with various events in the Library. As part of that, I’m a barista for the ACRONYM, a free pop-up coffee shop that students run every week. Feel free to ask me about computing, research, education, the Library, or any aspect of life at Olin!

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