Emma Pan '21Emma Pan '21

Admission Ambassador

Hi! I’m Emma, from Westwood, Massachusetts (yep, that's 20 minutes away from here!), and I’m in the Class of 2021, likely majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Computing (Olin's equivalent of a computer science major). In my first year at Olin, I’ve been involved in student government, co-directed a play with FWOP (Franklin W. Olin Players), created a friendly pickup line-generating Tinderbot, and organized a community bonding event where Olin students, faculty, and staff went to see Star Wars together on the day of the premiere. In my free time, I'm learning how to spin staff with Olin's Fire Arts Club, wandering around Parcel B (the woods), and finding shenanigans to take part in. Feel free to ask me about anything!

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