Education Research

Olin faculty have the pedigree one would expect in academic leaders: All have doctorates; many from leading institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Berkeley and Dartmouth. What sets them apart from similarly credentialed peers is their full engagement with the school’s dual mission of providing a superb engineering education to some of the nation’s brightest and most enterprising students, and of transforming engineering education itself.

Factors in Teaming Roles within Projects

Lynn Stein, professor of Computer and Cognitive Science and director of the Olin Collaboratory, 
has examined data from a team-based project course to evaluate whether gender, major, technical background or other factors correlate with the roles individual students take on within an interdisciplinary team project.

Gender and Diversity and Engineering

Yevgeniya V. Zastavker, associate professor of Physics, is researching the experience of women and minorities undergraduates in science and engineering, with an eye toward improving these experiences for students at Olin and beyond.

Self-Efficacy in First-Year Design Courses

Debbie Chachra, associate professor of Materials Science, 
studies how self-efficacy (i.e., confidence in one’s engineering skills) is developed in first-year, team-based engineering design classes.