One important facet of an Olin faculty member's role is to engage in meaningful externally facing work through activities such as research, educational consulting, entrepreneurship, technical consulting, authoring textbooks and other creative work. Our externally facing work is valued for the impact it has on outside stakeholders such as research communities, companies, other universities, the general public and others.

See below for a sampling of some of our current projects.

seminar attendees test paper airplanes
Developing Student Teams to Enable Value Creation
Faculty Lead

Lawrence Neeley, Principle Investigator

Aaron Hoover

External Collaborators

Charles Kim, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University

Scott Shrake, Director of Engineering Programs in Community Service (EPICS), Arizona State University


Supporting Agency Among Early Career Engineering Education Faculty in Diverse Institutional Contexts
Faculty Lead

Alexandra Coso Strong


Cheryl Bodnar, Rowan University
Courtney Faber, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Walter Lee, Virginia Tech
Erin McCave, University of Houston
Courtney Smith-Orr, UNC-Charlotte