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Faculty Lead

Alexandra Coso Strong


Student Researchers

Tom Heale '18
Claire Kincaid '19
Steven Meyer '19
Elena Meyerson '20
Tehya Stockman '19

Exploration of Multidisciplinary Communication and Decision-Making on Design Teams


Research Objectives

To better understand the types of communication skills necessary for future engineering graduates who may be working on large cross-disciplinary teams, Dr. Alexandra Coso Strong, alongside a team of Olin students, are conducting a research study to develop representations of engineering design practice that are inclusive of the communication practices used by engineers on cross-disciplinary teams. In particular, this study aims to understand the processes and techniques used by engineers (and non-engineers) while communicating and making decisions within and across disciplines and teams.



The overall goal of this project is to support the design of engineering lesson plans, modules, projects, and curricula to better prepare engineering students for the collaborative, multidisciplinary work environments they will experience following graduation. By exploring the practices of engineers and non-engineers, the research team aims to define specific educational design principles that can be used by instructors of engineering courses at our institution and at others around the world.