Do you want to talk about Study Away?



When considering studying away, there are many different options allowing you to fit the experience into your unique path at Olin. Whether you have always dreamed of studying engineering in Germany or art history in Rome; whether you want to learn about the growing economies and new languages in Asia or Latin America; or if you have a desire to study somewhere off the beaten path, you can chart your own course with the study away program.

There are three ways to go about studying away. Please take some time to consider the options and explore. Then, visit Nick Tatar in the Student Affairs & Resources Office to talk about your plans and start the application process.

Direct Exchanges

Olin has agreements with the institutions/programs listed below. The same study away policies and procedures apply when applying to a direct exchange institution.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for questions about Olin's tuition policy and Study Away. 

*Note that some of these links take you to the institution’s page in a foreign language. Look for the link for “English” or either an American or British flag denoting the English language portion of the website.

Pre-Approved Programs

Under this study away model, you are attending a school that has programs that have been previously approved by the CSTB. The Course Substitution and Transfer Board (CSTB) must approve all course selections. 

Specific Program Guidelines for Pre-Approved Programs
  • The Course Substitution and Transfer Board (CSTB) approves applications to a pre-approved program if:
    • you demonstrate that you have the necessary preparation for this program
    • the program fits with the degree requirements of your Olin course of study
  • You may want to consider applying to more than one program if you are unsure of the likelihood of acceptance.
Pre-approved institutions or programs

The institutions and provider programs below host a number of study abroad opportunities in which Olin students can participate. If you would like to discuss other options, please contact NIck Tatar.

Student-Designed Programs

Students are required to submit a detailed proposal to the CSTB for self-deisgned program. This proposal will evaluate both the instution and the courses being requested.

Specific Guidelines for Student-Designed Programs
  • Students should meet with their adviser and Nick Tatar:
    • in September if planning for a spring semester abroad;
    • in February of your sophomore year if plannign for a fall semester abroad.
  • Student-designed programs require greater need for educational/academic justification and rationale than either direct exchange or pre-approved programs and will likely require more student input and effort to design and plan; the rewards, however, can be enormous and well worth the time invested in planning.
  • The student will be responsible for all aspects of designing and planning the proposed student-designed program.