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Bike and Chill

If you're not getting enough exercise because you're spending too much time on Facebook or binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix, Bike and Chill might be just the device for you. 

Some cycling enthusiasts who also happen to be engineering students at Olin College, created Bike and Chill for Principles of Engineering. Here's a little bit about the project: 

For this project, our goal was to create an integrated electrical, mechanical, and software product that revolved around biking and exercise. As a group of bike enthusiasts, maximizing the use of a bicycle in our project was our main objective. As a result we focused on the creation of a device that would measure the mileage an individual would bike and match that against an individual’s set ‘goals’ to unlock previously blocked websites such as Netflix or Facebook. 

The objective of this device is to motivate people to bike before they Netflix binge-watch, or spend hours on Facebook. This device sends its mileage data to an online web application tracks how far the individual has travelled. The web application walks with a Chrome extension that blocks sites that the individual has previously set. When the individual has hit a set ‘goal’ distance, the Chrome extension would unlock these websites until the individual resets the ‘goal’ distance. 

For more on the project, check out the team's detailed website or watch Bike and Chil in action: 

They even created a web app to go along with it