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Fetchbot Azimuth

Have you ever been just too tired to reach across the dinner table to get the salt or pepper shaker? Well, you're not alone. Students at Olin College in Principles of Engineering designed a "fetchbot' to fix that very problem. Here's more on the project from the Fetchbot website: 

The goal of the FETCHBOT.Azimuth project was to create a robot which, at your voiced command, could delicately navigate the forest of wine glasses and fine china on your dining table to bring you dining accessories (such as the diamond salt shaker you selected from your grandmother's collection to complement your chandelier). Azimuth was created with a budget of only 250 dollars, so that we could bring this luxurious pinnacle of convenience to you at a reasonable price.

Project Goals

Ideally, Azimuth's process would be to:
-Respond to voice commands
-Navigate to a specified location
-Pick up a salt or pepper shaker
-Carry the item to a specified location
-Gently deposit the item

These actions would be acted out by a Raspberry Pi connected to WiFi, a camera, and a microphone, and an Arduino UNO. Azimuth would operate autonomously, with all brains and power on-board. The Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi would work together to process images and voice to coordinate motor activation and usage.