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"Lazer" Maze

You know those scenes in spy movies where a character breaks into an important building and nimbly navigates a maze of laser beam tripwires? Well, a team of students at Olin mimicked that with a laser maze experience where players attempt to navigate an obstacle course as quickly as possible without breaking the laser beams.

Lazer Maze is a large, closed structure, inside which the game experience occurs. The maze itself is created with four green lasers bounced back and forth via mirrors and retroreflective tape. The beams are made visible by means of fog. The box is constructed from a PVC frame and tri-wall cardboard walls, with a black fabric ceiling to block exterior light, and a clear curtain on the opening to prevent the dispersal of the fog. 

The device is the ceration of Gabby Clarke, Kathryn Hite, Mary Martin, Anisha Nakagawa, and Shreya Rangarajan. 

You can find out more about the team and the engineering behind Lazer Maze here.