OSSTP Postdoctoral Fellow

Position Title: OSSTP Postdoctoral Fellow


The Olin Satellite Spectrum Technology and Policy Group (OSSTP) was founded in 2020 and focuses on exploring real-world, project-based learning with apprenticeship-styled educational experiences in the field of satellite communications that are deeply-rooted in external collaboration. The group is working on a number of projects ranging from satellite design to communications interference, small satellite communications, and FCC data analysis. The OSSTP Group is funded through grants from the National Science Foundation and the Amateur Radio Digital Communications group, a non-profit granting agency.

OSSTP Post Doc job responsibilities include:

  • Leading and mentoring students through conducting research
    • Interference / coexistence research
      • Surveying incumbent and planned satellite networks
      • Modeling and Simulation
        • Equivalent Power Flux Density
        • Interference to Noise Calculations
    • UHF Ground Station development for small satellite research
    • FCC Data science
    • Rural broadband research - internet independent networks -- hardware in rural areas (like India, for example) transmitting over UHF / VHF to TV white space
  • Teaching: support Prof. Lohmeyer in Analog and Digital Communications, Principles of Wireless Communications, Satellite Communications Systems courses
  • Working with Director Lab Manager to oversee the ongoing projects and make sure students have what they need to complete a project, prepare grant proposals, and run weekly lab meetings
  • Traveling to conferences / events based on the group's needs
  • Other duties as assigned.

Necessary Skills:

  • PhD in aerospace engineering (or related areas) from an accredited university
  • Passionate about space and satellite applications
  • Experience (at least 3-5 years) in the research and publication process
    • At least one paper in internationally leading academic journal as first author
  • Ability to lead undergraduate students in conducting research
  • Positive can-do mindset


Position is:

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022, with the opportunity to renew if grant funding is extended.

To Apply

Olin College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please complete this Interest in Position Form and include:

  • A current CV or resume, including contact information for three (3) references.
  • A one-page Olin-specific cover letter. Tell us why you are excited to join Olin and why you are excited to join the OSSTP lab.
  • Three to five of your published research papers.
  • A description of your professional work or a portfolio (if applicable).

For any questions, feel free to contact Dr. Whitney Lohmeyer, Assistant Professor of Engineering, and Director of the OSSTP lab at wlohmeyer@olin.edu