May 2018 PC Meeting |

New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET): Presentation by Ed Crawley (MIT) and featured evening speakers Rebecca Christianson and John Geddes (Olin College)

New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET)
Ed Crawley, MIT [1:05:53]

QEA: The Evolution of Engineering Science Curriculum
Rebecca Christianson and John Geddes, Olin College [29:15]

Excerpt #1
John Geddes, Olin College [2:25]

Excerpt #2
Rebecca Christianson, Olin College [2:40] 


Featured Responses

Congratulations to you and Olin College on your recognition by the MIT Study!  I fully support the effort to build courses that teach collaboration, analytical thinking, communications, etc. into Engineering degrees, and I like MIT's approach.  Measuring the success and progress of MIT's learning outcomes as a result of building more flexibility into their curriculum is, I expect, the biggest challenge.  I like the iterative approach that Ed presented, and found the topics targeted for inclusion in the curriculum to be right-on.

And I found Jeff's presentation to be re-inforcing of the experiences I had at IBM on the characteristics necessary for successful leaders, and Jeff gave a great set of examples.  He's an excellent presenter.   Very thought-provoking.

I was so excited to hear about the Quantitative Analysis Engineering courses.....seeing the interdisciplinary collaboration by the faculty was truly impressive. And the excitement and joy expressed by the students was priceless, and I'm sure contributes to their ease of learning these topics. I had the pleasure of speaking to 2 female students in the program, during the cocktail hour. I was extremely impressed, and am confident that they will be very successful in the workforce! 

-- Susan Puglia