October 2017 PC Meeting |

Designing Your Life: Presentation by Dave Evans (Stanford) followed by panel discussion including Gregory Jones (Duke University), Chris Stawski (Kern Family Foundation) and Richard K. Miller (Olin College President). Featured evening speaker Alex Coso-Strong (Olin College).

Designing Your Life
Dave Evans, Stanford [1:54:03]

Why Wild Ideas?!
Dave Evans, Stanford [4:21] 

Life is Not a Problem to be Solved
Dave Evans, Stanford [4:33]

Designing Your Life
Panel Discussion, Olin College [23:49]

How Engineering Practice Can Inform Educational Design
Alex Coso-Strong, Olin College

Putting Engineering Practice to Use
Alex Coso-Strong, Olin College [2:53]

Developing and Using Personas
Alex Coso-Strong, Olin College [2:09] 


Featured Responses

"I was sorry to miss this meeting due to travel, but I could not have picked better representation for Bentley than Professors Rick Oches and Aaron Jackson. Both are superstar examples of Bentley’s fusion education in practice and I’m so glad they were in attendance.

Both Rick and Aaron shared that they met with several students, faculty, trustees, President’s Council members, and other guests both on Thursday evening and Friday, learning a great deal about the innovative curriculum and academic structure at Olin. And both noted how much they appreciated further understanding the many parallels between Olin’s and Bentley’s commitments to prepare students to be 21st century innovators, problem solvers, and engaged citizens through complementary models of academic fusion in our rather unique institutions.

Above all, Rick and Aaron were impressed with the students they met—calling them “enthusiastic ambassadors for the Olin educational model, eager to share their experiences with guests new to the Olin environment.” They noted that Olin students speak with a passion for the rich learning environment, the opportunities available to them, and the experiential learning and professional networking that is integrated throughout their curriculum."

–- Gloria Larson

”Generally, the whole talk really made it clear to me what the benefits of all this inter-collegiate partnership could be. A course like this could inspire an Olin equivalent, which I could see adding tremendous value as a design elective. I can see our novel coursework exporting to other colleges in a similar way. I don’t know if he already does this, but I think Ben Linder could give a similarly impressive and inspiring talk about UOCD to an audience at a different college.

But of course, thanks to your inclusion of my blog post in the slides, my Saturday was mostly taken up by ad-hoc conversations about Olin-founded startups and related topics.

Lastly, I had an extended conversation with a current student and several of the President’s Council members. After he left, we talked about Eric’s high level of “meta-cognition” - his ability to analyze not only the subject of what he was learning at Olin, but the manner in which he was learning it. This was completely unsurprising to me, because it was totally characteristic of the way I remember conversations in the dining hall being. It made me wonder if things had really changed so much after all. I told Eric that it was unusual for a student to talk about giving candid feedback to a professor about the efficacy of a curriculum (remember that I spent a year at a large public university before coming to Olin, so I can say this fairly confidently). I’m not sure he fully understood this point, actually!

Thanks again for the invitation, I really enjoyed the weekend.”

-- Lee Edwards

”Dear Rick: Sorry to be late in responding. Bev and I thoroughly enjoy the dinner and the talk by Professor Strong. You always arrange for excellent speakers and it is a wonderful way to showcase Olin's incredible faculty. I am sorry I was unable to make the lecture the following day. With appreciation."

–- Will Reed