Dear Olin community, 

We would like to thank those of you who expressed an interest in serving on the Presidential search committee or who were nominated by a colleague. We were truly heartened that so many members of the Olin community were willing to give their time and talents to this important search process. 

We are very pleased to announce that 10 additional members of the Olin community have been appointed to complete the Olin Presidential Search Committee. The 12 members of the committee are:

  • Lee Edwards ’07, Venture Partner, Root Ventures
  • Alyson Goodrow, Director of Marketing  
  • Sherwin Greenblatt, Olin College Board of Trustees
  • Anupama (Ana) Krishnan ’20
  • Caitrin Lynch, Professor of Anthropology
  • Jessica McCarthy, SCOPE Program Manager
  • Amon Millner, Assistant Professor of Computing and Innovation 
  • William B. Norden, Olin College Board of Trustees
  • Andrew (Niyi) Owolabi ’21
  • Lynn Andrea Stein, Vice-Chair, Presidential Search Committee, Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science
  • Alison Wood, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
  • Beverly Wyse P’15, Chair, Presidential Search Committee, Olin College Board of Trustees

This committee represents a cross-section of the Olin community and each member brings different backgrounds and experiences to this role. We will also be seeking advice and counsel from many members of the community who have unique areas of expertise.

The Search Committee will hold its first meeting in the coming days and one of its first tasks will be to continue gathering input from the Olin community, which will help inform the institutional profile and position description. Throughout this process there will be a number of ways for the wider Olin College community to be involved. We anticipate hosting listening sessions beginning sometime in May and continuing during the summer. We will also be sending out an electronic form to gather input from those who may not be able to attend in-person meetings. 

On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee and the Olin Board of Trustees, we appreciate your continued involvement in this important process. As always, we welcome your input and can be reached at the email at

Thank you for your support.

Ken Stokes
Chair, Olin Board of Trustees

Beverly Wyse P’15                                            Lynn Andrea Stein
Chair, Presidential Search Committee               Vice Chair, Presidential Search Committee