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At Olin we want our students to experience learning not just in formal and technical ways, but also as explorers and creators who design their own path. Learning happens everywhere at Olin and we aim to create a seamless learning environment for our students which we call the Learning Continuum

The Office of Student Affairs and Resources (StAR) supports and celebrates students and their unique and intersecting identities through intentional and purposefully inclusive support, education, programming, resources, and opportunities. The team works with and for students on their continuous development of social awareness and cultural consciousness in service of preparing them to become exemplary engineering innovators.


Students at Olin have access to a wide range of resources to support their health and well-being. These resources include on-campus and off-campus counseling, information about health issues, and the Office of Public Safety which aims to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors to the College community.


One of the founding principles of Olin was that each student should have the opportunity to have a learning experience “away” from the College. At the same time, Olin is also committed to bringing engineering students from around the world to Olin.


College can be a big adjustment and we believe there is a direct connection between what happens inside and outside the classroom. From the day students are accepted, we offer students guidance, resources and support to help them succeed.

Other Helpful Areas that Work Directly with the StAR Team


The Registrar’s Office provides the administrative machinery for Olin’s Learning Continuum.  Olin’s carefully crafted but always evolving curriculum demands management that is 1) flexible enough to organize and record the many activities available to our students; and 2) rigorous enough to protect the integrity of the Olin degree in its breadth and depth.

The Registrar’s Office is central to the College, its mission, its academic programs, its students and its faculty.  The Office serves to implement the Olin curriculum as defined by the Faculty.  As the repository of academic and enrollment records for the College, the Registrar's Office is also the conduit of information to those outside the College. 


Students can obtain access and information about their student account, billing, refunds, VA benefits, and insurance enrollment/waivers by using these links.