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Emergency Numbers

Medical Or Mental Health Concerns:

  • Babson College Health Center: 781-239-6363
    Your concern will be assessed by a nurse who can contact the on-call physician or the counselor on-call if needed.

Sexual Misconduct Resources

For immediate help or safety concerns:

For immediate medical or psychological care:

It is important that you do not shower, eat, drink or change your clothes before evidence is collected. Doing so may destroy important physical evidence that could be used if you decide to prosecute the assailant. 

  • Babson College Health Center: 781-239-6363
  • Beth Isreal Deconess is the closest hospital a sexual assault evidence collection exam is desired:

148 Chestnut Street
Needham, Massachusetts 02492

Public Safety can assist with transportation. Coordinate through the Office of Student Affairs or the Babson Health Center.


For more information on reporting and support, go to Olin's Sexual Assault Prevention and Resources website.

Alcohol Emergencies

Signs of an alcohol emergency:

Changes in four basic physical signs indicate an emergency situation. If one of these signs is out of normal range, call 911 immediately. If vital signs are slowing, do not wait - get emergency help! Remember P-U-B-S:

  • Pulse: Should be between 50 and 140 beats per minute, not irregular
  • Unresponsive: Does not respond to a firm pinch.
  • Breathing: Should be at least 9 breaths per minute, not slow and shallow
  • Skin: Should not be cold, clammy or blue

Mental Health

Helping Others:

  • Faculty, staff, family, or friends concerned about the mental health of a student may contact the Dean of the College's office for advice.
  • For information about signs and symptoms of suicidal behavior or for information about helping a friend in crisis, please visit:
  • If you are worried about a student who refuses to seek help, consider contacting the Dean of the College, who has the authority to act to preserve the safety of the student, or others.

Personal Safety

  • Public Safety: 781-239-5555
    If you are being stalked, threatened, or have concerns about your personal safety, the Public Safety Office can offer assistance and get you home safely.

Anonymous Crime Reporting

Use the anonymous on-line crime reporting form to report bias based or "hate crimes."  The link also allows the anonymous reporting of other crimes and will assist in the annual Campus Security Act (Clery Act) reporting required by law. Information submitted via this link goes only to Public Safety. The identity of the reporting party will not be available to Public Safety or any other office in the College. Public Safety will make every effort to investigate the report, though in some cases it may be difficult to conduct a thorough investigation based only on an anonymous complaint.