Academic Calendars

All courses have the option of a scheduled date for a final event/'something'. Instructing faculty have the option to use this date for an in-class activity or exam or poster session or as the due date of a take home exam or final project. The intent of the final assessment schedule is to aid in providing effective time management skills during the final week of the semester. It also ensures that students will not have more than two activities due in a given day.



 April 1, 2020

Dear Students,
Today, at the Academic Life Meeting, the Faculty of Olin College voted to amend the end-of-semester finals period.  As previously planned, we will NOT be having a ‘finals week’.  Instead, during the week of May 4-8, 2020, the standard semester course offering schedule will be in use.  There will be no 3 hour final blocks.  During this time period, some of your courses may have a final something due, other courses may continue teaching material.  And, some courses may have a hybrid approach to delivering materials, finals, or simply wrap things up with content and assessment.  In all situations, student assignments must be completed no later than Friday, May 8, 2020. 

This decision was made to 1) enable better support of our students, 2) account for the inherent challenges transitioning to virtual instruction, and 3) recognize that a traditional 3 hour end-of-semester final event may not possible in an online setting. 

As the month of April progresses, please talk to your instructors about the plan for each of your courses.

Linda T. Canavan, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar

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