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Our goal for this page is to provide in one place all the registrar-type information students will need for navigating available resources and making decisions about the fall term. We will keep adding information as it becomes available.

Olin Courses

Q:  Are the courses changing from what I registered for in the spring?

A:  Not very much. They are essentially the same, with a small number being cancelled or changed. The final schedule for Fall 2020 was posted July 31 on the Semester Information page.

Q:  Do I need to start my registration all over again when Add/Drop opens?

A:  No, you will still be registered for the courses you’ve already signed up for, except that any cancelled classes will have been removed from your schedule.

Q:  When will Add/Drop open?

A:  Add/drop will begin in the first week of August, beginning with seniors, and run through September 21. 

Q:  Can I do a Passionate Pursuit? Will co-curriculars be offered?

A:  The plan is for both Co-curriculars and Passionate Pursuits to be available. Details to come.

Q:  How do I sign up for Independent Study/ Research?

A:  The basic procedure will be the same (making a proposal with deliverables, signing on with a faculty member, etc.) but you will submit your ISR/G form remotely. Details to come.

Q:  I  am scheduled to take my second semester of ADE Capstone in Fall 2020 and I know that capstones must be taken in two consecutive semesters. If I take a leave of absence in the fall, is there any way I can do my second semester in Spring 2021 even though that would mean there is an intervening semester?

A:  Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, the ARB has approved an exception to the Olin policy that students must take ADE in two consecutive semesters.  This policy allows students to skip one semester only (Fall 2020) and is for the 2020/2021 academic year only.


Q:  Will cross-registration to Babson, Wellesley, and Brandeis be available?

A:  Yes, subject to certain restrictions. Read on…

Q:  I read that the other schools will be holding in-person classes. If I’m cross-registered, can I attend them?

A:  No. Participation in cross-registered courses will be 100% remote.

Q:  I need lots of AHS. Can I cross-register for more than one course?

A:  There is a limit of one course per school per semester per student. This is a host school rule. You could theoretically take a course at Babson, one at Wellesley, and one at Brandeis in the fall, unlikely as that scenario is, but not more than one at a given school.

Q:  Where can I find the academic calendars for the other schools?

A:  The BOW website is a great resource for info about Babson and Wellesley, but you can also go directly to their own websites for more details. See below for links, including for the Brandeis calendar.




Q:  Babson is offering online and “hybrid” courses that don’t require my physical presence. May I take either?

A:  Unfortunately, Babson is offering ONLY those courses listed in their browser as ONLINE. Their “hybrid” courses are not open for cross-registration.

Q:  Could you explain the Wellesley calendar?

A:  If you want the whole story you can find it here, but in a nutshell, Wellesley is transforming their fall semester into Term 1 and Term 2. (Spring semester will be Term 3 and Term 4, so this is a yearlong change.) For Olin students, it means that enrolling in a Wellesley course means that all the work for the course happens in a 7-week period. So if you are enrolled in 3 Olin courses, for the half of the semester that you are in a Wellesley course, the workload will be as though you are registered for 5 courses.

Q:  I found a Term 2 course I want to cross-register for. When do I do that?

A:  Cross-register at the beginning of the semester for either Term 1 or Term 2, before Wellesley’s add deadline.

Q:  I’m having a really hard time fitting a Wellesley course in with my Olin schedule. Since it’s online, is it okay if I have a time conflict?

A:  No, you can’t schedule a time conflict. Even though classes are being taught remotely, they are synchronous (Massachusetts time).