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List of 2019-20 Clubs & Organizations


Student Goverment at Olin is comprised of a governing body, known as the Council of Olin Representatives (CORe), as well as four Student Experience Organizations. The purpose of each Student Experience Organization is unique, as they individually have their own missions and functions, however, each of these orgnaizations is deemed vital to the education and college experience of the student body as they all address aspects of Olin's central philosophies, founding precepts, and goals. The four Student Experience Organizations at Olin include the Honor Board, the Student Activities Council (SAC), the Committee for Clubs and Organizations (CCO), and the organization to Support, Encourage, and Recognize Volunteerism (SERV).

CORe Organizational Structure



CORe is a student experience organization centered around two complementary mission areas. First, CORe is the representative body that acts as the student body government, helps shape continuous improvement goals for the student body, and works to amplify the value of student input in all change initiatives that occur at Olin College. Second, CORe is further charged with coordinating action initiatives where student input is involved as necessary, ensuring the realization of student body goals and change initiatives. CORe also helps to fund student clubs, organizations, and initiatives.


The Council of Olin Representatives will work to amplify student input on issues under consideration by the administration and will support student initiatives. The Council will represent Olin's student body to help the administration, other colleges, and the outside world, while working to improve student life by supporting and developing solutions to issues facing the student body. 




The Committee for Clubs and Organizations, lead by a director and assistant director, oversees and distributes funds to all clubs and student organizations. CCO maintains and expands a continuous and diverse set of social opportunities for the student body with the help of the Student Activities Committee (SAC), club presidents, and student organization leaders.


  • Ensuring that the student activities fund is fairly and reasonably distributed and used by SAC, clubs, and student organizations throughout the yea
  • Responsible for maintaining a current list of student clubs and organizations, as well as other issues of club administration. 
  • Via the Student Activities Committee, CCO is charged with throwing campus-wide events, facilitating club events as requested, and maintaining a public calendar of events



The Olin College Honor Board administers the Olin Honor Code and ensures that it meets the evolving needs of the Olin Community.


  • To engage the Olin Community in the discussion and administration of the Honor Code and related policies (see appendices in the Student Handbook)

  • To use the resources available to the Olin Community to productively and effectively resolve reported violations of the Honor Code and related policies

  • To continually evaluate the efficacy of the Honor Board procedures and the Olin Honor Code and address shortcomings therein.



The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is one of the major programming groups on campus responsible for hosting a number of events throughout the year. Their team consists of a student director and assistant director, as well as general body members from the Olin Community.  Recognizing that there is more to college than just homework and studying, SAC strives to provide opportunities for socialization and entertainment at least once a week. Past events have included movie screenings, scavenger hunts, casino nights, pumpkin carving, paint nites, and an annual formal. New members are always welcome!

Have an idea for an event on campus? Want to know more? Email Student Affairs at



SERV is governed by two elected student officers and a StAR advisor who together foster community awareness, increase involvement in community service activities, and generally work to support and coordinate community service activities at Olin. They coordinate with outside groups seeking volunteers, plan one-time and whole community events, charter projects, make budgeting decisions, and generally deal with community service concerns that arise throughout the year.