For Olin Students

Cross-Registration at Babson, Brandeis and Wellesley

Olin has cross-registration agreements with Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College. These agreements increase the academic offerings available to Olin students in the natural and mathematical sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences and business.

Grand Challenge Scholars Program 

Olin’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) helps students leverage their educational experiences and participation in the Olin community to galvanize lifelong learning and community participation. The focus of the program is on developing the self ("I"), developing Olin ("we"), and developing the world ("all of us"). The program culminates with the creation of each student's personal vision and mission snapshot, reflecting their identity, values, experiences, and goals to date. Olin's GCSP uses a combination of formal courses and informal experiences to help students grow into their identities, participate in a community of practice, and find a role for themselves in fulfilling Olin's mission of doing good in the world.

Olin Public Interest Technology Clinic (PInT)

PInT (as in “Public Interest Technology”) is a student-led effort to cultivate pathways and opportunities for Olin's students, faculty, and staff to be creators, engineers, designers, artists, and activists who leverage and deepen their powerful technical and creative skills for justice, equity, inclusion, and doing good in the world. PInT recently received a grant from the New America Foundation to support the team (PInT), and to create a fellowship. The PInT Summer 2020 Fellowship is a fully-funded program that will allow up to three of Olin College’s engineering students to work at public interest organizations and advance Olin’s mission to recognize needs, design solutions, and engage in creative enterprises for the good of the world. A stipend is provided as well as a budget for travel, housing and supplies. 

As part of PInT’s greater effort to create strong career pathways for engineering students to make the world better, this fellowship will expand awareness of public interest careers for engineers. PInT Fellows can choose to seek or create summer internships at public interest organizations such as government offices, public institutions, non-profits, community-based organizations, advocacy campaigns, foundations, environmental organizations, and more. The aim is for Fellows to find an organization that is doing things they are passionate about, where they can potentially affect positive change.

For more details, including application materials, visit the PInT site.

PInT is a founding chapter of the Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN), a major initiative of the New America Foundation

The Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO)

The Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO) - an ensemble, minus conductor - features instrumentalists in leadership, communicative, and collaborative roles. Dedicated to orchestral performance in the concerted spirit of chamber music, the orchestra forges individual participation, active listening, and group-motivation into performances that have established it as the only conductorless orchestra composed of engineers - in the world!

Since its Fall 2002 inception, OCO has been a Project-Based Learning (PBL) course where students operate the classroom, and the professor contributes as guide-on-the-side, coach, and re-orchestrator of works chosen by the group. In helping to run rehearsals, students develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills in a large team environment. With an essentially flat hierarchy that incorporates an ever-evolving sense of culture and cooperation as a working ensemble, OCO functions as a team of musicians - regardless of position - comprising students, faculty, and external guests, all dedicated to making good music with intensity, camaraderie, excitement, and humor.

For more details, visit the OCO site.

Study Away

One of the founding principles of Olin College was that every student should have the opportunity to have a learning experience “away” from the College. Olin has over 35 pre-approved study away institutions, and students also have the opportunity to create a self-designed away experience.

For Wellesley, Babson and Brandeis Students

Individual Courses

Any student from Wellesley, Babson, or Brandeis is welcome to cross-register for any individual course at Olin. Naturally some courses have pre-requisites; discussion with the instructor will be helpful in determining whether you are prepared for a given course. Courses that might be of particular interest to students with non-engineering backgrounds are listed here; a full listing of courses is available in the Olin College Course Catalog.

Engineering Certificate Program

Olin College offers a Certificate in Engineering Studies for students at Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College. For those students who want to explore the world of engineering, the Certificate provides a structured course of study in engineering that allows students to gain more exposure, more education, and more experience in the art and science of engineering.

Wellesley 4+1 Program

The 4+1 Program offers Wellesley students the opportunity, after completing a BA in a liberal arts field at Wellesley, to earn a BS in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin through approximately one additional year of study. The 4+1 Program provides one possible route for Certificate Program students to deepen their engineering education.

For more information on the admission process for the 4+1 Program, click here. For more information on the 4+1 Program graduation requirements, see the Olin College Catalog.  

For UK graduate students and post-docs only 

Vest Scholars Program

Olin seeks a like-minded post-graduate (including post-doctoral) partner through the Vest Scholars program, to engage with us as a learner and co-teacher and to become a part of our community. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about exploring new pedagogical and curricular approaches, embracing educational reform and innovation, and committed to translating best practices to their eventual learning environment. We anticipate that they would explore research topics such as project-based learning, intrinsic motivation and autonomy, or self-efficacy, would create and co-teach in new pedagogic models, and would work with the Collaboratory to engage educators outside of Olin.

Olin is an undergraduate-focused institution; a Vest Scholar at Olin will have the opportunity for substantial professional development and engagement, but not for credit-bearing academic work. The Vest Scholar at Olin would both develop their own approaches to personalized education and learn how to create interdisciplinary, contextual learning experiences for students to help give them the tools to tackle the multidimensional Grand Challenges, and would emerge with a strengthened portfolio in both research and in education.  For more information, visit the Vest Scholars web page.