85 students

  • 52% female identified
  • 9% are first-generation college students
  • 14% are Pell eligible 
  • 39% are students of color (U.S. citizens and permanent residents only)
  • 15% are underrepresented students of color (U.S. citizens and permanent residents only)
  • 9% are international students

25 U.S. States are represented (permanent address)

Top 5 states represented: California, Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Illinois/Maryland/New Jersey tied for 5th, all with 4 students each (by permanent address)

Countries represented by address (permanent) or citizenship: Bolivia, Canada, China, Greece, India, and South Korea


  • Mean unweighted GPA of 3.9
  • 15 students were honored as National Merit Scholars or Finalists
  • 45 AP Scholars (25 with Distinction/9 with Honor)
  • 33% were captain of an academic team

Test Scores (Middle 50% Range)

  25th Percentile 75th Percentile
SAT EBRW 710 760
SAT Math 750 790
SAT Combined 1470 1540
ACT Composite 34 35
ACT Math 33 35
ACT English 34 35


Students in the Class of 2022 participated in the following activities before coming to Olin:

81% Community Service 66% Competitive Robotics Teams
65% Part-Time Work 57% Athletics
52% Academic Teams 35% Instrumental Music
29% Research 20% Art
17% Student Government 14% Drama
9% Vocal Music  

Fun Facts & Accomplishments

  • One is a boxer
  • One wants to found a STEM high school for Latinx students that focuses on project-based learning and career mentorship
  • One is a cartoonist, authoring an Amazon #1 Bestseller in their category
  • One designed a patent-pending automated inventory system for use aboard the International Space Station
  • One is a short film producer
  • A few were TEDx curators or coordinators in their areas
  • One climbed Mt. Fuji
  • One spent a gap year researching and helping run a gallery of antique oriental rugs
  • One builds sailboats and sailbots
  • One is co-chair of the Youth Council for their town
  • One loves Back to the Future
  • One invented a wearable tech glove to help the severely speech-impaired communicate
  • At least one works on their family’s farm
  • One designed and created a terrace garden using only waste material like used glass and plastic bottles, flat tires, and used wooden pallets
  • One built an Android app for pedestrian safety that capitalizes on the philosophy of safety in numbers
  • One ran two marathons
  • One made an entire dress out of real leaves
  • One stayed up until 3am folding a collapsing origami hat that was wearable
  • One organized a county-wide summit for local Gay-Straight Alliances
  • One runs an overseas service to tutor girls in Nigeria in STEM subjects
  • One spent a gap year designing a complete, open, freely-licensed digital citizenship curriculum that covers important skills like computational thinking, identity exploration and media literacy
  • One has acted in eight Shakespeare plays
  • One presented a keynote about the importance of project-based learning at a national educational conference for teachers