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Parent Leadership Council

As the parent of a current Olin student or an Olin graduate, you’re automatically part of our Parent Community, which is a great way to stay connected to other parents and to the college. The community fosters a spirit of association and fellowship among parents and helps advance the mission of the college through its activities.

The Parent Community is represented by the Parent Leadership Council (PLC), a formal group that provides support to the college and represents Olin students on behalf of all the parents. The PLC has a representation of 3 parents per class year for current students, 4 parents of alumni and 2 at large members. The PLC includes and recruits parent volunteers for initiatives throughout the year. 

Join the PLC initiatives and support the college by volunteering! Here are a few current projects throughout the year: 

  • New Parent Caller Program
  • Olin Summer Parties
  • Parent Phonathon and Fundraising
  • Event Support (Family Weekend, Candidates' Weekends, Open Houses, Olin on the Road, Move In Day
  • Social Media & Parent Communications

The PLC seeks parent representation from the incoming class in the end of summer and fall around arrival! Parents of the incoming class who are interested can reach out to   

Click here to read the PLC Charter.

Meet our Active PLC members

Meet the dedicated representatives for the PLC! Each class has representation as well as parent representatives of alumni. The PLC provides a voice and volunteerism for Olin. To reach any of the 2020-2021 PLC Members, please contact the Parent Relation team at:

  • Ella Ozier P'22, Chair - Wisconsin
  • Ileana Stone P'21, Chair Emerita - California
  • Tim Commers P'23, Chair Elect - Minnesota
  • Zoe Jewell P'23, Secretary - North Carolina
2021 Representatives
  • Jeff Jensen P'21 - California 
  • Susan Rose P'21 - Florida
  • Cindy Scheyer P'21 - Washington
  • Ileana Stone P'21, Chair Emerita - California
2022 Representatives
  • Amin Al-Ahmad P'22 - Texas
  • Robyn Benton P'22 - New Jersey
  • Ella Ozier P'22, Chair - Wisconsin
  • Corey Snow P'22 - Massachusetts
2023 Representatives
  • Flo Abilheira P'23 - Rhode Island
  • Tim Commers P'23, Chair Elect – Minnesota
  • Kunle Ogunbufunmi P'23 - Nigeria
2024 Representatives
  • Tim Goodall P'24 - Illinois
  • Tammy Goldberg P'24 - Maryland
  • Jen Smilg P'24 – Ohio
Alumni Parent Representatives
    • Dori Grimshaw P'15 & P'17 – Florida
    • Sherry Davis P'20 - New York
    • Dan Kiser P'10 - Ohio
    • Burton Sutker P'18 - Arizona