After the Career Fairs - Next Steps




Students mingle with employers at the StartUp Fair.

There has been a lot of recruiting activity here at Olin during the past two weeks. The Fall Career Fair was a huge success with 49 companies attending! And, if that wasn't enough, the Foundry hosted the fabulous Meet the StartUp Fair, bringing an additional 17 employers to campus. Now that the dust has started to settle you are probably wondering what to do next. So, rather than take a nap, PGP has some tips to keep you engaged in the recruiting process.

Tip 1: Follow up with all the companies that you talked to at both of the fairs. That stack of business cards that you collected isn't going to do you any good sitting in a drawer, pocket, purse, bottom of the laundry pile.  Compose a quick email to each recruiter and be sure to attach a copy of your resume. The email should be brief but let the person know you are definitely interested in their company. For example: "Hello Mary, It was great meeting you at the Olin Career Fair last week. I really enjoyed learning about all the great new products TNT is developing and would love the opportunity to further discuss the  internship program that you have available for Summer 2013. I have applied on your website but have also attached a current version of my resume. I look forward to hearing from you and can best be reached by email or cell after 3 PM."

Tip 2: If you didn't get to all the tables at the fair, can't remember someone that you spoke with or if a company you wanted to meet missed the fair just email Suzanne and we will do our best to send you a contact.

Tip 3: Anticipating an interview or already have one scheduled? You may want to meet with Sally for a Mock Interview. Upcoming dates and times available: Monday, October 29th 8-10 or 11-3; Wednesday, November 14th 8-11. Interviews will be 45 minutes, send your top two time slots (on the hour) to Suzanne.

Tip 4: Still not sure what you will do next summer, don't worry.  Make a list of employers you would like to work for and ask PGP if they have any contacts at your "dream" companies.

Tip 5: Apply to 6-10 companies before the winter break. Remember that each application is a 2 step process. 1st, apply online and make note of which positions you applied for.  2nd, follow up with the person via email, attach a cover letter and resume and mention the specific positions to which you applied.

Tip 6: Network with family and friends while you are home for Thanksgiving Break. You might be surprised to find out that Aunt Martha knows a person who works at your absolute favorite company. Once Aunt Martha connects you to her contact ask for an informational interview. An informational interview is a way for you to learn more about a company. You should still dress like you are going for an actual interview and bring along your resume. Not only will you learn more about the company but you will also make a great first impression and that contact will remember you when a job does become available. For more networking tips click here.

Tip 7: Thinking about research for next summer? Talk to your professors and come to PGP's REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) Party on Monday, December 3rd 12:30-1:30. Also, be sure to check out the website.

Tip 8: Log into the Olin JobFinder often. New jobs are being posted every day!

Tip 9: Set a goal of having at least 1 interview before the winter break. Don't wait. Get in the game!

Think of the job finding process as a journey, you may not get the first job you apply to but if you make a good impression you will have a made a contact. Network, Network, Network, you never know who you might meet. And, just remember we are here for you in PGP!

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