EXPO, Olin's Year-End Celebration by Brett Rowley '14

Every May and December, Olin students showcase their talents and learning experiences through posters, oral presentations, artistic and musical performances.  Take a peek at some photos of this week's Very Fun Expo - enjoy!


EXPO_Live.jpgExpo Live

New this year, Expo Live was an experiment in creating a highly interactive conference experience. The Lifegraph SCOPE team at Olin created this online presence for Expo.  Here, students can keep a digital portfolio of the work they are presenting. During Expo, this experience came alive - each visitor had the option of wearing an Expo Live Badge, allowing them to interact with presentations in a new way.  The electronic Live Badge collected the footprint of each presentation that visitor saw throughout the day. Screens around the Expo conference area showed which presentations were best attended in real time.  Student presenters could see how many visitors they attracted, and have this information reflected permanently in their digital portfolio. Additionally, by opting in and connecting with Facebook, Live Badge holders could obtain additional information on their smartphones about the project they were viewing at the time.  Finally, it allowed them to be able to connect directly with presenters after the conference for further discussion.

"Given this was the first time our system was deployed at such a large scale, things went surprisingly well- guests and students alike were eager to participate by wearing our device, students saw Open Graph posts from their friends at Expo in their Facebook feeds, and olinexpo.com remains as a great testament to the breadth of Olin's student talent. And that's only a subset of everything that went on. :" - Margaret-Ann Seger '13


Thumbnail image for Do Something.jpgKelsey.jpg 

Real Products: Acting Force Designs

Entrepreneurship was in action at EXPO. Jelle Leten, Dante Santos, and Kelsey Breseman (pictured, above), discussed the challenges of design, manufacture, and sales of their laser cut poster, "Do Something."


Anne_Marie.jpgAnne-Marie Buchenan

Chinese Painting



Paintings.jpgTanner Reid, Sarah Seko, Kathryn Lau

Oil and Watercolor Works


Blair.jpg Blair Emanuel talks about the Underactuated Hand, her team's final project for Intro to Mech Protyping class

Kris.jpg Kris Groth and his teammate designed a digital reverb sound effect



Cullen Ross, Chelsea Bailey and Emily Wang described Flamingo communication through their Design Nature project.

Sasha.jpgSasha Sproch describes the Orientation Control of a Pico Satellite


Michael_Magnets.jpgMichael Searing used a simple control circuit, to counteract the strong forces of gravity, balancing magnets

Calligraphy.jpgKate Maschan, Eric Tappan and Shane Skikne with the Calligraphy-Writing Machine they designed for Principles of Engineering

Jenny_Robot.jpgJenny Ma's Underactuated Hand was inspired by the Harvard Robot Hand



Disney.jpgJenny McConnell and Sarah Seko talk about the project they submitted for the Disney ImagiNations competition. 



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