Hakim ’17 Hikes Pacific Crest Trail

PGP Director, Sally Phelps

About six weeks ago, a junior walked into my office.  “I have an offer for an internship, but I’m not sure I want to take it.” 

“OK, what else are you considering,” I asked him.  “I’d like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  Do you think that’s a bad idea?”

“I think you’ll have the experience of a lifetime,” I replied. 

So many of our students do fantastic internships during the summer that teach them all kinds of new technical skills.  But sometimes they push the envelope and try something like this, and the learning reaches far beyond learning a new programming language, CAD package or the dynamics of the working world.  Read Nagy Hakim ‘17’s fantastic blog telling of the blisters, lessons, joys and challenges he’s encountered so far this month on the Pacific Crest Trail!

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