Inaugural Build Day - Success!

By Sally Phelps

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The Champions Behind
Build Day - early Friday morning

Build Day started
as a conversation between a  couple of
seniors.  What if....?   The goals were to bring together students,
faculty, staff, alumni and trustees in new ways, and to demonstrate that we
are, indeed, still building Olin. 

And from there the spark ignited into an enormous flame that
engulfed the campus, consuming it with innovative ideas, ultimately enhancing our
space, systems, and relationships.   As
an observer  and participant in the
entire process, I am so proud of our students for making this happen, and for aesthetically
and emotionally strengthening our tiny but mighty community.  They used physical tools, learned
methodologies, and social media before, during and after Build Day to bring
their ideas to life. 

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Opening Ceremonies began with three of the Powerchords harmonizing the National Anthem

Inaugural Build Day happened Friday, May 3rd, at
Olin.  Projects on campus
ranged from naming classrooms to creating a solar garden to designing new
lounge spaces to trying new recipes in our dining hall (cooked by students!). 

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 Making Music - A great Stress Reliever 

Here is the early
and then a later Tumblr account
that share the stories and great photos about the energy and success of the
day.  The initial team of 2 had grown
over the semester into a tireless team of a dozen architects committed to
making this crazy idea a reality. 

Build Day 2.JPG

Creating Artwork for the Dorms and New Computer Lounge

"No matter what we did, no matter how much we planned,
nothing on Build Day would have worked without Oliners coming out and getting
involved," stated David Gaynor, one of the Founders of Build Day.  "We had 30 projects going on that day, and
every one had a team. We painted 32 canvas murals. We wrote 351 postcards to
alumni. We made 12 different types of baked goods, which were then eaten by the
250 faculty, staff, students and alumni packed into the auditorium for the
closing ceremony. The Olin community is awesome, and that's why Build Day

Can't wait for Build Day 2014!

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Feeling good about the day!
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