Join the Circus!

By Sally Phelps


Not all of our alumni are working on PhD's or performing cutting-edge engineering.  Some are pursuing a passion and seeing faraway places.  Aerialist Matt Brouillard '07 has been doing this for the last couple years after working at Phillips Health Care. 

"I ran away and joined the circus to travel the world and live in different countries. While it's a very gratifying job, I never realized how exhausting it is to do montage and demontage  of the tent, teach kids, perform shows, and repeat this day in and day out. This experience makes me truly appreciate 'the brains' I have from Olin.  I know I have those to fall back on when the brawn runs out!"

In 2012, Matt toured around the US with Batman Live, and last year he joined the Pacific Cirque cast on the P&O Cruise ship based in Sydney, Australia. On New Year's Eve 2013, Matt performed at the Mayan in Los Angeles.     

His latest show just opened in Switzerland - the Cirque Starlight's 'Octavius' show.  He is touring 30 towns and villages in the French-speaking part of the country.  Check out some of Matt's amazing aerial routines here.  

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