Looking Ahead to Next Summer

PGP Director, Sally Phelps

Dear PGP - As the summer winds down, I’m thinking about how I’ve spent the past few months.  My internship was ok, but not great.  How do I make sure I get a relevant, exciting and worthwhile internship next summer?



Dear #GetMeAGoodOne –

The good news for you is we have a fantastic recruiting season lined up for you this fall – there will be so many companies (109 last year!)  to talk to in a wide variety of forums. 

You’ve got a good start on this, because now is a great time to do some reflection.  What are the skills you are good at?  What are the things you’ve done, at school and on your own, that make you the happiest?  What was it you did not like about this summer’ experience?  Do you have any idea what you’d like to be doing after you leave Olin? 

And how can you pull all these thoughts together and turn them into a great summer experience?

If you do have a good sense of what you’d like to do next, start investigating the types of companies, or academic research groups, that offer this type of work in the locations you are interested.  Start looking over the list of companies that will be attending the PGP career fair on October 5th.  And remember, The Foundry will have another career fair this semester as well, and even  more recruiting will take place second semester.  The sooner you get organized, engaged, and talking to companies, the better chances you’ll have at finding a great experience for summer 2017.      

Finally, if you need help figuring all this out, PGP is here for you.  Send an email to Sally, Suzanne or Aarti and we’d be happy to make an appointment to sit with you and talk things through. 

We look forward to seeing you back on campus soon!



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