Olin Sailbot Places 2nd in 6th Annual Robotic Sailing Championship

All of us here at PGP have some (admittedly belated) congratulations to hand out to Olin Sailbot, whose first competition was last month in Vancouver, British Columbia!

The club already has a great website and blog itself, but here's a little on the group and what these awesome students have been up to.

The club was founded in the 2011-2012 school year by James Regulinski, Jaime McCandless, Jason Curtis, Andrew Fabian, and Abe Feldman. The members split into three specialized teams: code, electrical, and mechanical.


A photo of some of the students who worked on the boats over the last school year.

Over the course of the year, these students created two autonomous sailboats in the hopes of not only competing in Vancouver, but also applying state of the art robotics to the art and function of sailing.

The competition was comprised of a Fleet Race, Station Keeping Test, second Fleet Race, Navigation Test, Presentation, and Long Distance Race. In its maiden competition, Olin Sailbot placed second overall! Congrats guys!

First-person testing of one of the boats.

Crossing the finish line during the Navigation Test.
Completing the final event, the Long Distance Race.
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