Orphans to Ambassadors - Telling the Story

By Eli Sheldon '11

My classmate John Higgins and  I recently had the remarkable opportunity to leave our 'day jobs' and travel to Uganda to spend 2 weeks with a Seattle-based non-profit, Orphans to Ambassadors. Their mission is to partner with orphanages in developing nations and implement sustainable projects that help the orphanages reduce their dependence on foreign aid and improve the lives of their children.

On this trip,  we built a large, permanent chicken coop at one orphanage in Kampala, and partnered with a local vendor to install a large solar panel array at another orphanage in Busia.   Other projects in the past have involved rainwater harvesting, goat farming and gardens. In addition to helping with coordination and implementation, we were asked to create a short documentary focusing on both this specific trip and on the mission of the organization as a whole.

This film premiered at their annual winter gala in earlier this month,  and will continue to serve as an introduction to the work they do for prospective volunteers and donors going forward.

Eli Sheldon is a Product Manager with Microsoft in Redmond, WA and John Higgins is an Associate Program Manager with athenahealth in Watertown, MA.   They have worked together on many videos and documentaries -  fun and serious -  both during and after their time at Olin.  

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