Planning to attend a conference in 2018?

Claire Kincaid ‘19


After deciding to pursue a career in the mining industry, I gained a lot of experience, contacts, and opportunities by preparing for and attending the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration’s Regional Arizona Conference last fall.


First, I applied for and acquired a Student Activities Grant from Olin to fund my travel and stay at the conference.  I then planned my conference experience around my desired outcomes and concrete deliverables.  I knew that I wanted a summer 2018 internship, to make contacts with the university of Arizona Mining engineering grad school, and to make a positive impression on industry professionals at the conference.  I tailored my conference experience to maximize exposure to job opportunities and networking, while also attending multiple technical sessions, the keynote session, and short courses. 


The conference was extremely successful, and I walked away with over 100 new contacts in the industry, multiple internship prospects, contacts at University of Arizona, and even an opportunity to be published in the Society’s magazine.  If you’re thinking of attending a conference in the coming year and are interested in the details of how I prepared for mine, feel free to read more in my paper here, and/or   questions I asked myself in preparing for the conference or a poster I presented at Olin’s Dec. ‘17 Expo.  

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