On the Road Again with ADE India


you may recall from a post last June, Affordable
Design and Entrepreneurship (ADE) is an international experiential social
entrepreneurship and design program, and combines the students and faculty of
Olin, Babson and Wellesley Colleges.  The mission of the program is to
educate students to be leaders who can address the well-being of people living
in low-income and resource-poor situations through design and entrepreneurship.

At the operational level, the ADE program is run year-round with multi-disciplinary teams
which combine business and technical innovation.  To achieve the goal of
context driven realization of products and ventures, the teams worked this past
semester with project partners in Alabama, Ghana, India and Massachusetts.

The ADE India team worked in Kolkata on a water
chlorination project (Zimba) and on a rickshaw project in the Keoladeo National
Park in Bharatpur.  Feel free to visit their blog to learn more about what
the team did during their trip to India in January.  



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