There’s Still Time

Still looking for a Job or Internship?  Don’t worry, there’s A LOT of recruiting activity going on this semester!

Does it feel like summer is coming fast and everyone around you already has a job or internship?  Don’t despair, PGP is here to help.  A question we often hear is “What do I do if I don’t hear back from a company after I’ve applied online….?”

Our response:

“Apply to every job twice!  Don’t just do the online application, after that you need to send a follow-up email to a key person connected to that job or company.   If you can, FIND A PERSON (alum, parent, recruiter, neighbor, Mom’s college roommate, you get the idea…) that you can follow up with.   PGP can help you with many of these contacts.  Once you find that person, send an email, tell them you’ve applied on line and to which job, enclose the same cover letter and resume, and ask them for advice on what you should do next…    Really what you are saying here is “Please have someone pull me out of your database and look at my fabulous resume!” 

If ‘the person’ is an alumnus, contact them before you apply online.  In your email be sure to introduce yourself and be polite, you’re both from Olin, but beyond that they don’t REALLY know you. Often they can help you present the best application and navigate the company’s recruiting system.  You may also want to ask the alum if they could spend some time with you (phone, coffee) to give you advice on how to improve your cover letter, resume, interviewing skills…  Really they just want to get a comfort level with you before recommending you.

Other Tips:

-          We will have 2 more career fairs in February!  Info sessions, and campus interviews too.  Update your resume, and add those new projects, classes, research, updated club activity.  Send your updated one to Olin JobFinder

-          SPEAKING of Olin JobFinder, PGP approves several new jobs each week that NO ONE EVER LOOKS AT!  Jobs and internship for all majors, located all over the country are featured there.   Check it out!

-          From your homepage within the Olin JobFinder you can also use the Jumpto Link to engIN which gives you access to additional internship postings from our consortium schools.

-          If you would rather do research this summer check out PGP’s document on how to get an REU.

-          Read PGP’s weekly newsletter!  Hottest tips featured here, comes out every Friday. 

-          Set aside 2-3 hours a week to work on your job search.  Treat that reserved time as if this is ‘homework.’  You will start getting interviews in no time!


Come visit Sally, Aarti or myself to book a practice interview, or if you have a question about the job search or grad school.   We’ll be in our ‘dining hall office,’ this spring at these times:


Wednesday, January 25 – Aarti – 9-11

Friday, February 3 – Suzanne – 8-10

Thursday, February 9 – Sally -7:30 -10

Wednesday, February 15 – Aarti 9-11

Friday, February 24 – Suzanne – 8-10

Wednesday, March 1 – Aarti 9-11

Thursday, March 9 – Sally – 7:30 -10

Friday, March 24 – Suzanne – 8-10



And remember, DO NOT go to an interview until you’ve done a practice one with PGP.  Contact Sally, Aarti or myself to schedule one. 


Happy Job Hunting!

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