5 Reasons Why I Love This Week!

5. Today the two tents for commencement went up, one for the actual ceremony and one for the reception afterward.The Class of 2009 will graduate on Sunday, May 17. We put the tent up a couple of weeks in advance so that the ground underneath can dry out. It has rained EVERY commencement so far, and believe me, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being dressed in polyester robes in a humid tent with 400 people sinking into the mud.


4. Classes are out, and students have been studying and preparing their Expo projects. They look tired, but satisfied! I am excited to see some of the projects from this semester! (Photos to follow!!)

3. I am judging the candy sculpture contest on Friday afternoon with Oscar Mur-Miranda and Chris Lee. Apparently I get to eat a lot of candy.


2. The weather is nice, and more and more students are spending time outdoors. The sun is pouring into our office windows, and lunchtime walks are becoming possible again!

1. The Class of 2013 is confirmed!!! Here are the stats:

Applications received: 874

Admitted: 146 (17% admit rate)

Enrolled: 85 (58% "yield"); 45 women; 40 men

States represented: 23

  • Leading states; California (14), New York (7), Oregon (6), North Carolina (5), Massachusetts and Maryland (4), Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia (3)
  • Eight (8) non-U.S. citizens:
    • Australia (1)
    • Canada (2)
    • India (1)
    • Malaysia (1)
    • Nicaragua (1)
    • South Korea (2; one student went to high school in Virginia)
  • One U.S. citizen graduated from high school in India; another in Singapore
  • Four (4) siblings of current students or alumni
  • One set of twins
  • One student has an undergraduate degree
  • Quality by all measures -inside and outside the classroom-places our new students in the top 1% of all freshmen in the country
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