Almost Done!

We're sorry for the long radio silence, all you past,
present, and potential Oliners! As you can imagine, application season here in
the Office of Admission is madness.  As I'm a total newbie to Olin (happy
two-and-a-half-month anniversary, me!), I really had no idea what to expect
when it came to the craziness of application reading. This is it in a nutshell:
our application is due on January 1st. Of the 800 applications we
receive, roughly half of them are submitted within 24 hours of the deadline. Of
those 400 applications submitted
within the 24 hour span, roughly half of those are between the hours of 9 pm
and midnight. Those are all rough approximations, but again, you understand the
craziness surrounding applications. Then, from January 1st on, you're
just. straight.reading. For 24 days, you read applications. Then, on January 25th,
you take your applications to Acceptance Committee, and they decide on who to
invite to Candidates Weekend.


Reading reading reading! Hours every night! I would go home,
make some Trader Joe's chai, and read applications. Sometimes I'd have Doctor
Who on in the background for white noise, but for hours and hours , just
applications and supplemental essays and SAT scores and teacher

dr who.jpg

By the way, I can
singly thank Doctor Who and Trader Joe's for getting me through these past 24


And I know you've all read it on Facebook and Twitter, but
your applications were amazing. They blew my mind. You are all so talented and
brilliant. You're doing the most incredible things in your high schools! You are
forces to be reckoned with!

So perhaps the greatest piece of application reading season
was getting to read about your accomplishments and knowing that for the 80 of
you that start at Olin next fall, you will undoubtedly change the world. And
the rest of you? You're going to change the world too!

empty file drawers.jpg Empty file drawers

Now the application drawers are empty, and I've got my bin
full of applications to bring to Acceptance Committee tomorrow. What a wild
ride it's been!

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