Application Deadline Extended!!

Greetings from Olin!

Great news! We are extending the
application deadline until Monday, January 3rd!
We realize that you are scrambling to complete all your college
applications in time for the January 1st deadline, and we don't want this
application to add stress to your New Year's holiday. Plus, now that you have
time to spare....

Play outside!

California Day.JPG

Take a nap!

 puppy napping.jpg

Proofread your Olin essays!

And don't forget to submit your application and Olin Supplement through the Common App online
by midnight on January 3rd! We realize that the deadline still shows up as January 1st, but do not fear! The system will accept your application until 11:59PM on January 3rd.

We realize that the remaining pieces of your application will continue to
trickle into our office over the next week- and that's fine! It will
probably be several days between when your mail is received in the mailroom and
when it is opened. Please keep this in mind when you are looking at your list
of missing items on our web portal. (You
will gain access to the portal once you submit your application.) We are
working very hard to complete your application files, and taking time away to
answer individual emails slows down the process. When your application is
complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us. (likely next week, as
we are auditing all the files before sending out the confirmation emails)

Good luck, and enjoy the
New Year's holiday!


The Olin College Admission Team (Charlie, Emily, Caitlin, Laura, Susie and

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